blocks by bumbu


Temperature sensor that controls a relay

Microsoft flow for Todoist with dependent tasks

Microsoft flow for Todoist (changing the priority of next item in a project when a task is completed)

A script to prepend JIRA tag to the commit message based on branch name. Run from commit-msg git hook.

A function for triggering a callback at the end of D3.js transitions

Gulp stylus task

Selenium server standalone 2.44.0 debug logs when running intern 2.1.1with firefox

Conditional module loading in bower

Pathvisiojs modularisation

Allows editing of GitHub contributions graph

Keys tree parser


Front page links in admin of Prestashop 1.5.x

Cytoscape.js - Adding compound element on the fly

Script that gathers data from More info here I was running it using a cron job every 3 minutes.

GMT крупных городов России