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circle pack + hierarchical edge bundling | es2015+ | Vanilla D3v5

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Forked from Micak Stubb’s Bl.ock, which was forked originally from Matteo Abrate’s Circle packing with hierarchical edge bundling

Changes by Curran:

An iteration on the previous example, this time leveraging hierarchical edge bundling to show imports between packages in the historic flare Actionscript visualization library. Direction is ignored.

this iteration on Circle packing with hierarchical edge bundling from @matteoabrate runs on the output of the previous decaffeinated iteration. then, some syntax is manually optimized for readability.

this iteration makes the code (subjectively) nice to work with

use decaffeinate to produce modern Javascript

that modern Javascript is then Prettier formatted

special thanks to @currankelleher who tweeted about this nice block and motivated me to fork it.