blocks by dehuszar

default gitignore file; place in home folder

Place these in yer .bashrc to do some basic terraforming

FontForge script to convert .ttf file to its webfont variations (.otf, .svg, .woff, .woff2)

Use to extract extra values from your token

New Twiddle

PostCSS-Reference Node API example

PostCSS-Reference Gulp config

Calendar Component (LESS, no framework)

Click interaction test

Semantic Remapping Layout Example (LESS)

Semantic Remapping Nested Extend Example (LESS)

This node script is designed to take a single css file or folder of css files and convert all the classes to placeholders and rename the file to .styl, .sass, or .scss

Barebones Stylus Change Watcher

.htaccess for Ember-CLI builds

This is my roaming vim config so I can quickly set up my preferred vim set up at new machines