blocks by dhoboy

3 vim s commands to transform JS object to Clojure map syntax

Vim Relative Path Autocomplete with no plugins, but you sacrifice 1 named register (u still have 25 others)

My Simple Starship.toml

My vimrc for neovim

Japan COVID19 live data

Japan COVID19

Pitcher Explorer

Verlander Brush

China Air Quality Canvas 2

Pacific Coast Highway

Pokemon #2



Mapswarm leaflet

Lyme Disease Chloropleth 2


Lyme Disease Chloropleth

Ready for a Chloropleth

Song Tea Scatterplot

China Air Quality Canvas

China Air Quality Data Files

Beijing Air Quality 3

Beijing Air Quality 2

Beijing Air Quality

Hawaii Elections 1

React and D3

Seismic Ratings and Collapse Probabilities of California Hospitals

hello world parallel coordinates

Sortable, Filterable Table

Drought Map

U.S. Drought: quick look 4/7/15

Bobby Cox

Infinite Jest

Black Hole

Overweight NY Students: #4

Gately Radial Tree

Gately Tree

This works

Jody's Journey: final map

Jody's Journey: destinations

Asia Map

what I've been working on all night

Kai drawing paths

Letter Frequency Bar Chart

Overweight NY Students: #3

Force layout #2

Force layout #1

Overweight NY students: #2

Overweight NY students: #1


Cool pack layout mistake

More interesting Scatterplot

Basic scatterplot

Song Tea and Ceramics Map

visualizing the flavor bible data