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Infinite Jest

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Chord Diagram of the relationships in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Family connections are shown in orange. Non-family connections shown in green. Hover over a character name to focus on their specific relationships, or hover around the blue perimeter of the circle to cycle through relationships. There is a lot of overlap in this diagram. Not all labels line up exactly with their chords.

Thanks to Syntagmatic for his help with this block.

Thanks to Mark Overstreet for his help in creating the square matrix for this diagram, IJ.csv.

IJ.csv adapted from this. For the most part, I deferred to this diagram. A couple of things I don’t quite agree with. E.g. There is no line directly connecting Gately with Pat Montesian, and the line connecting Michael and Matty Pemulis is a regular line, not a family line. But whatever. I couldn’t have made this without Sam’s incredible work.