blocks by kpq

A bad version of Anscombe's Quartet (Group 4)

Barley at University Farm Example


For Nadav

Anscombe's quartet, Group II


Test block


NYC barley - Morris

Barley Yields -- Crookston

Barley Yields, University Farm

A terrible rendering of Anscombe's quarter, No. 2

In-class example for the magic of blocks

Barley data: comparison circles

Barley data: horizontal bar chart

Barley data: arrows

Barley data: vertical barchart

Barley data: dot plot

Barley data: Slopegraph


Data joins with gs and their children

steps 1 through 5 of class

Basic starter code for many simple D3 charts

In-class exercise of Anscombe's quartet

Anscombe's Quartet, Group II

a starter scrape file for jasmine

this code turns all lines red in MCM


stolen html

stolen code from josh keller

Sample HTML table styling

A sample sketch for Sarah Lewin.


basic state choropleth starter

Dancing scatterplot

Scrape all U.S. adoptions by country of birth and year from the state department

in class data cleaning

Basic bar chart

Multi-series line chart with date formatting

Grouped bar charts

Line charts with dot annotation

Axis formatting and styling in D3

Dancing line chart in D3

responsive videos with mediaelement

video encoding messes

generic + unofficial map styles for NYT google maps

suggestions for michael

refactoring a little for will

NYT Albers USA Projection

How to plot points and shapes in R, bc I always forget the reprojecting stuff

Scrape every player ever in the NBA draft in R

KQ Test