blocks by martgnz

Process Microsoft's US Building Footprints dataset with Tippecanoe

Mapping hexagons

D3 and React with D3Container

Format last tick across axis transitions

Scatterplot with convex hulls


Batch convert PDF to AI

Demers Cartogram II

Demers Cartogram

Convert a folder of flac files to mp3 with ffmpeg


This is workflow for downloading, processing, and mosaicing Landsat scenes, as a Makefile

Using Spam with Browserify

Spanish Provinces

Great Arcs

Barcelona Metro Voronoi III

Barcelona Metro Voronoi II

Barcelona Metro Voronoi

Barcelona Metro

Barcelona metro stations


Let's Make a Map... With Canvas and Spam!

NY State Plane

Spanish Bubbles II

Spanish Bubbles

Wikipedia Globe

University graduates in Madrid


Academic level on Barcelona by census tract (Source:

Rent in Barcelona by neighbourhood in 2014

Rent in Barcelona by neigbourhoods in 2014

2016 World Press Freedom Index Data

2016 World Press Freedom Index

Basic Spam.js map

Canvas shadows

Chatty Map

Choropleth III

Choropleth II

Choropleth I


Arctic temperatures

Canvas Globe

Spanish unemployment


Berlin railways

Final code for Spam.js Choropleth

Spam.js choropleth with colors

Spam.js choropleth boilerplate

US States

Swiss cantons

German Provinces

World Hover

Azimuthal Equidistant

Football coaches per million people

Football Coach World Ranking


Meteorite fall map

Russian research stations in Antarctica

Static Chile III

Static Chile II

Static Chile

World Map

Population Density in Spain

Spam.js Choropleth IV

Spam.js Choropleth III

Spam.js Choropleth II

Spam.js Choropleth I

Scatterplot with voronoi

Barcelona's census tracts

Prison population in Catalonia

Simple hemicycle chart

Choropleth map

Cost per pay TV subscriber per month

Stacked bar chart