blocks by ngopal

quick and dirty script to convert csv to sqlite

Loading pre-trained vectors into keras models

lstm toy

Stacking example




Trying AdaBoosted Decision Trees

IMBD_notebook example for Tim

for Miles

How to write a REPL in R

Stochastic Gradient Descent, but this time in Java.

A first attempt at creating bayesian a spam filter from stratch; Trying to do this in lisp as a learning exercise; Definitely still a work in progress...

The beginnings of a stock twit dashboard.

A very quick and surface-level analysis of wines using the API

removed an annoying extra cell.




Convert iGraph to CytoscapeJS elements


A playground where I was implementing the algorithm detailed in the "Centrality Based Visualization of Small World Graphs"

A gist showing how to setup a small multiple implementation of a basic D3 force directed graph. The code also contains an example of how to read in a CSV file that contains graph edges. The JSBIN example lives here:

quick one-off script to visualize a sif format file in D3

Posting a github repo as a gist to include it on a webpage in an iframe

Some functions to generate a random network. Returned objected is ready for plug-and-play use with D3 force-directed graph examples

A rapid prototype for an interface for JSON data

Working on a simply implemented force-directed layout implementation

Just making silly pretty pictures. I guess you might be able to learn a thing or two about D3 transitions if you don't already know how they work.

visual encodings

Example// source Mouse tracking on webpage using JS, found through:

// source // a weak attempt at implementing a barebones category theory library in javascript.

Degree Centrality based force-layout // source

Applying A Divergent Color Scale to A Gene Expression Heat Map

A JS implementation of creating a Erdos-Renyi (random) network. Planning to add others.

Extremely simple implementation of a network graph library

Visualizing Alzheimer's Disease Using Reactome Data in D3

A list of different ways to parse json in javascript. Currently unfinished

A small javascript library to create a confusion matrix and calculate values of true positives, true negatives, false positives, false negatives, sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value, positive likelihood, negative likelihood, prevalence, false positive rate, false discovery rate, false negative rate, Matthew's coefficient, accuracy, f1 score, informedness, and markedness

A set of functions to calculate the probability of intersection between sets being a chance event in a hypergeometric distribution


Visualization of a specialized "look and say" sequence

make a list of nodes from human PPI data

how to start and stop neo4j

'nuff said

a quick python script to take consensuspathdb data and throw it into a running neo4j instance

a simple cypher query to find all of the shortest paths in the neo4j shell

Simple server in golang. Build with go and run ./simpleserver. Pages will be served @ http://localhost:8080/elysianIPA

the main program for the quote generator web app example (built with Flask)

a script used to parse a txt file I found on the internet.

Setup your mac to use Spotify as your alarm clock--but also specify a playlist

Setup your mac to use Spotify as your alarm clock