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which d3 apis do people use

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I was curious about which d3 apis people use in their blocks.

  1. I count if it’s used or not, not often it’s used in a block.
  2. Columns and rows are sorted by popularity.
  3. I color by how often something is used relative to that user’s most commonly used api
  4. people who have blue/green filled rows use many different apis evenly, whereas people who have one blue and mostly red use some apis frequently and others infrequently
  5. I combined some calls, like select+selectAll, min+max, hsl+rgb+hcl+lab, etc., to reduce the number of columns
  6. ascending/descending are commonly used (column is towards the left) but not often by the most prolific block authors (towards the top)

(I would love to set the table headers not to scroll but have forgotten how to do that)