blocks by redblobgames

Three-Rhombus storage of a hex map

C# distance test, are Abs, Pow, or Sqrt slow? Yes - Pow(v,2) is much slower than v*v

Voronoi Jiggle

Tree generator I wrote in 2011 - but it's for Flash

sfc32 random number generator, typescript

for loop comparison - probably poor benchmarking on my part

Hyphen rendering messed up on my machine

My note taking setup in emacs

my journal code

Experiment: Legion ECS vs using Rust enum + pattern matching

Output trello json to a hierarchical text file (org mode but could easily be markdown instead)

FDG 2019 - abstracts of the papers

Example of how I use xsltproc to expand section headings

Emacs: dark fringe, line numbers

amitp's modeline summer 2019

Turn a panoramic photo into several square photos for Instagram, so that when you scroll they look like one seamless photo

Configuration script in SRE 0.992a (SRE.CFG) vs SRE 0.993a (INSTALL.CFG)


Remove alpha channel on a canvas, so it's always transparent or always opaque

traverse variant+picojson using tags for variants instead of integer indices

Unfurling vertex shader from

Vue component for canvas with automatic dependency tracking

HTML Color Names (Relative Lightness, linear color space)



SVG drop shadow example

SVG arrowhead example

C++11 dice rolling syntax: write 2d6 dice roll as 2_d6 c++ syntax

which d3 apis do people use

d3 unconf block

Outside the box

mapbox::variant pattern matching