blocks by walkerjeffd

3D plot of ranked daily streamflow using {rayshader}


Spinning Ovals III

Spinning Ovals II

Spinning Ovals

fresh block

Force Simulation Between Targets

Multi-Foci Force Layout Along A Curved Path

Multi-Foci Force Layout Along Path


transition test 2

transition test



Bar Chart

Epicyclic Gearing Quickly


Instructions for setting up git server on Synology Diskstation

Riffle-ito Script for DHT22

R Programming for Environmental Engineers

Raspberry Pi Set Up

Arduino Temperature and Humidity Logger using Adafruit SD Shield and DHT22

Tools for processing GHCND text files

R function to test is vector of datetimes is regular and continuous

R function for creating a regular and continuous zoo object from two vectors of dates/datetimes and values with optional fill values

R functions for assigning and summarizing storm events based on interevent period and minimum event total precipitation

Calendar Plot using ggplot2