blocks by HarryStevens

THREE.js Globe

Isometric Grid Slider

Isometric Grid Transition

Electric Pond

Pendulum Party

Scale Bar In Washington, D.C.

Scale Bar Transition

Space Bars

Scale Bar With Zooming

Good Boids

Bad Boids

Bouncing Balls III


Grouped Force



Circle Pack Update Pattern

Radial Area Update Pattern

Treemap Update Pattern

Camera Tween


Julian's Head

Cornell Box

Ball Control

THREE.js Boilerplate

Stacks On Stacks On Stacks



World Tour

Radial Gradient Voronoi

Gradient Legend

External SVG In Multipile Nodes

Polygon Bounds

Scale a Polygon

Polygon Rotation and Translation

Rotate a Polygon

Angle of Reflection

Bouncing Balls II


Convex Hull

To The Left, To The Right

Mean Center Vs. Centroid

Rotate A Point About An Origin


Measuring Distances In Pixels

Angle Between Points


LOESS Smoothing

Arc Path


Cartesian Points In A Circle

Albers USA with Puerto Rico

Scale Bars for D3 Maps with Pan and Zoom

Scale Bars for D3 Maps


Raster Reprojection II

Raster Reprojection I


Swiftmap Graticule

Swiftmap Polygon Labels

Swiftmap Multi-Layer Map

Don't Mess With Texas

Swiftmap Bubbles, Layers & Tiles

Swiftmap Gradient Scheme

Swiftmap Bubbles & Layers

Swiftmap Custom Breaks

Swiftmap Layers

Swiftmap Bubble Scheme

Swiftmap Categorical Scheme II

Swiftmap Categorical Scheme

Swiftmap Sequential Scheme


Map Inset


Upload CSV

Correlation Matrix

Dynamic Globe Rotation with Inertia

Dynamic Globe Rotation

Linked Beeswarm

The Wave

Rotating Cube

Bar Update Pattern on Canvas

Basic Map Zooming

Range Slider



Five Forces

Grid Generator

Bouncing Balls

Circles Legend

Wartplot Update Pattern

Joyplot Update Pattern II

Joyplot Update Pattern

Area Update Pattern

Map Tiles Playground

Open Street Map Tiles

Force with Springy Links

Bar Update Pattern

Stacked Bar Update Pattern

Pie Update Pattern

Multi-Layer Map

Box and Whisker

Radix Sort

Choropleth Sandbox


Axis Transition

Staggered Barbells

Barbell Chart

Population Pyramid

Contiguous Cartogram I

jQuery Bar Chart

Sankey from CSV III

Sankey from CSV II

Sankey from CSV

Node Utility Functions

Random Beeswarm

Bubble Update Pattern II

Bubble Update Pattern I

Force Update Pattern

Gooey Gif Art

Gooey Cell Division

Voronoi Drag + Jiggle

Voronoi Drag

Voronoi Update Pattern II

Radial Gradient Traffic Light

Math and Boxes II

Math and Boxes

Voronoi Jiggle

Voronoi Update Pattern

Self-Rotating Analog Clock

Turn the Earth

Positive-Negative Bar Chart

Break the Earth

Disco Earth

Transparent Earth

Spin the Earth

India Orthographic

India Mercator

Indian Number System Converter

Major Tweenage

Fun with Linear Gradients III

Fun with Linear Gradients II

Fun with Linear Gradients I

Basic Map Functions

Force Simulation with Voronoi Diagram

Force Simulation

Bar Chart with "Popout" - Google Charts API

Bar Chart with "Popout"

Normalized Stacked Bar Chart

Annotations with Swoopy Drag for Scatter Plot

Voronoi Diagram for Scatter Plot

Linear Regression for Scatter Plot

Sort HTML Elements by Hue

Playfair Import-Export Chart

D3 Streamgraph with Tooltip and Legend