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covid19 berlin cases


this style helps me get along with the recent slack redesign

covid-19 cases growth rates

svelte 3 lazyload example


Quick demo of using only parts of chroma.js

Returns the area of a simple polygon given in [ [x,y], ...] pairs

Returns all possible combinations of the elements in a given array

adblock plus rules for frontpage ads on new site

used this script to prepare the data for this chart


prevent vertical overlapping of labels in charts

rollup-pipe (with commonjs)



half circles for kevin


poll jitter bar


forces particles in a d3.forceSimulation into a [[x1, x2], [y1, y2]] extent

us states

fresh block




how to make a nice GIF from png frames

visualize git logs accross multiple repositories

like svg-crowbar, but for multiple svg elements!

Natural Earth





Script to remove markup for hidden elements from SVG files, for use with ai2html

X-13ARIMA-SEATS binary for Mac OS X Yosemite

Excel to CSV

Remove everything but five newest files/directories

Converting SASS to LESS



country names


simple tables in D3

Clean PDF import. Removes all clipping masks and ungroups everything..

python script to generate a list of projected tiles

Parliament seating diagrams

Batch rename a bunch of files

bump chart tutorial, part 1

Network of 2014 World Cup teams, their players and the clubs they are playing in. Derived from the player database. Used to make this graphic:


Script for publishing Datawrapper charts via command-line

extract a shapefile's attribute table to TSV

Recognized country names

Approximate text width based on estimated character widths...



raphael.js 2.1.2 including [pattern re-use patch]( by @narenranjit

Python replacement for datetime.strftime that is able to handle dates before 1900. Written by Andrew Dalke on comp.lang.python (!msg/comp.lang.python/v-9L1D6oc4k/3faS6YjTRg4J)

d3 streamgraph

100 Years of Tour de France

Importer for Eurostat TSV files



The code below does the same as the example snippet you've just seen: opening a database connection, creating a new table with some columns, storing some data, altering the table schema and adding another row.


d3 inter-dependency graph

d3 dependency network


load geoip database into mysql


SVG der deutschen Landkreise

Arbeitslosigkeit 1984 - 2013

Arbeitslosenquoten seit 1984

Arbeitslosigkeit in Landkreisen

Arbeitslosigkeit in St├Ądten

Arbeitslosigkeit in Deutschland

Arbeitslosigkeit in Deutschland


PHP Endpoint for Github Webhook URLs

Playing around with CIE Lab colors in R


Simplified version of flickrperson app. See for more information.

tar gzipping stuff to another computer

script to create tissot indicator circles



zon workshop map

Kartograph installation guide Linux

Comparing Map Projections

Map of France departements

SVGElement.prototype.innerSVG shim

United States, w/o Great Lakes

United States, w/o Alaska and Hawaii




Mou Github Style

Simple PyBossa client

Kartograph config generator for QGis

Join OSM road segments that share the same reference number

Joins OSM road segments that share the same name

How to use HCL in d3.js

Berlin Street Map (PostGIS, OSM)

YAML descriptor for Bella Italia showcase on

Extended CSV Parser for Miso.Dataset

Miso.Dataset auto column names

Cameroon Arrondissements

Sublime build system for running Processing sketches via Jython

Daily Births Per Month in Germany, normalized by birth per day over the full year.

Kartograph API

Local full-text search on tweets and favorites

API for dead simple line charts (based on raphael and d3)

Rendering a Kartograph map to PDF using PhantomJS

BeautifulSoup4 test run

API proposal for a simple force-directed bubble chart library

unicode pimped csv

plots all contributions by authorized committees over time, colored by party

plots all contributions over time, colored by party

Map source for NUTS2 SVG map of Italy

chroma.js wiki images

Map of Italy

Contributions per Candidate

Find most valuable followers on Twitter

world map with countries joined to UN regions

Ender extension for firing multiple ajax requests at once

Wordpress page template for JSON sitemaps

CSS parsing in JavaScript

alpha-shapes aka concave hulls in d3

prototype for scraper of german party members from wikipedia

This script tries to map European zip codes to NUTS2 regions by point-in-polygon checking the zip coordinate against a shapefile of NUTS regions..

Generator for Dorling cartograms

NUTS-2 Map of the European Union

Map of US cities and state poverty levels

Computes the center of a shapefile multi-polygon

Some GIS utils for Python, like area computation for geo-polygons

Converting a comma-separated and quoted file into a tab-separated and unquoted file

Looks up how many followers two Twitter accounts do have in common

Ever tried to copy&paste a table from Wikipedia to your favourite spreadsheet software? You just want the pure data and not all those hyperlinks and embedded images? This script removes unnecessary stuff from the tables. Simply run in firebug console and