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tqdm with multithreading

Cancelable async

PostGIS Multipolygon Join

Supercluser + tilestrata + Mapbox GL JS

Install mapnik 3.+ on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty


Auto import csv to Postgres


PostGIS vs shapely union

Redis cheatsheet

Heading to direction




Best color for text on a background of a given hex color

Brute Force

Problematic polygon

pg_dump raster error

US Census incorporated places in PostGIS

Javascript Date to Postgres-acceptable format

Rolling tiles with mapnik + tilestache instead of Tilemill

Postgres array union of result set

Packt Response

Postgres management tools

Get Macrostrat columns + GMUS geometry for Michigan Basin

Postgres string matching in WHERE between two fields

Pagespeed Insights test

PBDB Annual Federal Burden

Process mammals with Postgres+PostGIS

PostGIS doesn't add extra decimal places


Postgres query to CSV with headers

Node + Apache

Install psycopg2 via Macports

Difference in area between projections

Add/update git submodule

Kentucky Senate Districts

Sampling Problem

(Climbing) Suicide Counter

Fix Bash OS X

Sample Along Line with PostGIS

Add 11 hours to a directory of JPGs

Macports Postgres + PL/R

Set up Postgresql93 with Macports confusion

Install QGIS OS X

Terms of Use

Point on line

JS Scopes

Setting up a LaunchDaemon with pm2

Install MySQLdb on Mavericks

GNU Screen Cheatsheet

Vanilla Responsive SVG

Fun with PostGIS



PostGIS to MySQL


Vertical d3.fisheye


Heroku + Github + Sensitive Data

A tool for extracting data from PostGIS into GeoJSON and TopoJSON. UPDATE: Added a dedicated repo for contributions -

Bulk import SHP into PostGIS

Pole-wrapping geometry issue

Geologic Time Scale

Topojson Paleogeography (reversed latitudes)

Topojson Paleogeography (normal order)

Detecting double taps with d3.js

Lazy composite

Adaptive Composite Map Projection (Canvas)

Adaptive Composite Map Projection example

Using d3.behavior.drag() with a map (updated)

Using d3.behavior.drag with a map

Alternate of


A very simple example showing how to force the Bootstrap typeahead ( to match only the start of words. The default matcher function matches the user query to any part of the possible results, which is often times undesirable - for example, in the standard typeahead in the example below, typing "Uni" gives four results that begin with "Uni", but also "RĂ©union" and "Tunisia".

502 Proxy Error with Apache, Node, and MySQL

EIA Nuclear Powerplant data scraper

FOSS4GNA Presentation Links

Responsive TopoJSON Sizing with d3.js