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New Twiddle

Contextual Components for Drop Downs?

Ember Virtual List Component // source

Ember Virtual List Component // source

Ember Virtual List Component // source

Ember Virtual List Component // source

Ember Starter Kit // source

D3 Australia Conformal Conic

Line graph noodling

D3 Bar Chart Update Pattern

Mercator Map Tile functions for Ruby

Sketch for a 'watch' function on d3 selctions...


Advanced object constancy.


Tissot's Indicatrices

Simplify GeoJSON using d3-plugins/simplify (thanks @jasondavies for preserving topology!)

California earthquake responses by zip code

campfire transcript export

direction shader for OpenCV flows

SQL builder sketches for node.js and node-postgres

Minimal node.js server to pass Twitter API responses through JSON parse and stringify

Minimal Objective-C HTTP client for testing UTF8 decoding issues

Extra escapey JSON encoding for node.js

resizeable sketch in Processing (with notification of new size)

@mourner's suncalc for heroku... moved to

fussing with UTF-16 surrogate encoding in Javascript

Quick node.js script to convert a CSV file to HTML

Using Boost Signals2 to pass messages, return true to cancel propagation

How to enforce provider limits on interaction and tile loading in Modest Maps JS

Getting Kue working on Heroku

Map Tiles in D3

generating SSL keys and Certificate Signing Requests for Heroku / Nginx / RapidSSL

use node.js to copy from one mongo db to another

conversion loops in bash

Modest Maps Throwable

Node.js server for composing map tiles using modestmaps.js

Cinder's KeyEvent.h modified to hold a std::string (UTF8) rather than a char (ASCII)

UITextField wrapper for Cinder

A Modest Maps provider for OpenStreetMap in Processing

Node.js as an alertnative to Lisp ;-)

shape rendering in nodejs with LearnBoost's node-canvas

smooth panning and zooming for polymaps

Modest Maps JS - Smooth Efficient Zooming and Panning



experimental Modest Maps provider for the Bing REST API

implements IEventDispatcher, for when you can't subclass EventDispatcher directly

load csv files from anywhere using YQL

An Albers Equal Area Conic projection in javascript, for protovis.

multi-touch for Android Processing

really simple Flickr API code for as3

Ryan's quick Yahoo geocoder in as3

Resize big images to the nearest power of two and cut them up into 256px tiles.

simple C# Matrix manipulation for Silverlight transforms

callNextFrame for as3