blocks by aendrew

GDPR Subject Access Request -- Template

fresh block

Basic React App

Basic React App


force-directed distribution

Discovering D3 scale type

A start / stop script for Nginx on Amazon Linux

d3-bootloader extended config test

fresh block

Weird Nightingale Charts bug

fresh block

Simple bash script that attempts to fix NodeJS using n via Homebrew on OS X

In-development TypeScript def for d3-sankey 0.4.1

Ordinal histogram


Streamgraph v4

Chord Diagram

Game Of Thrones total screentimes (Up to and including Season 6)

FT Perils of Perception reader results -- Perceived happiness

FT Perils of Perception reader results

C3 0.4.11 base

D3: Unit Bar Chart with Brush and Zoom

color scale test

fresh block

D3 listener collisions across iframes

one-line arrow function syntax for getter/setter methods

[XSLT] Convert RFC 2822 format to ISO date format

UNHCR API Postman collection

D3 Intermediate - Advanced Tutorial scratchpad

Totally replace WordPress default author page URLs with that of custom taxonomy named "authors"

All British MPs + Birthdays

Deis Cheat Sheet

Convert Google Sankey chart data to D3.js Sankey data (nodeJS)

Dump databases for RDS while excluding others in MySQL v5.definitely-not-most-recent

Dreamhost API Postman collection


Install Bower dependencies on WordPress plugin activation

Single-stack line chart



Snippets of WP Alchemy multidimensional code

Convert CSV to JSONP