blocks by guilhermesimoes

simple python http server to dump request headers

Download HLS Stream with FFmpeg

Animated NBC Peacock Logo

Box and Whisker

D3 V4 join & enter

D3 V3 join & enter

Ruby Benchmark: Starting a loop at index 1

D3.js: Animating a pie chart

Ruby Benchmark: Determining the last part of a URI

D3.js: Encoding values as circles

D3.js: Automatic text sizing using em units

How authentication should work (in my mind)

Detect private browsing mode (InPrivate Browsing or Incognito).

YouTube's new morphing play/pause SVG icon

JScript: Find small album covers

D3.js: Animating between scales

JScript: Find broken iTunes tracks

D3.js: Animating bars "going down"

D3.js: Synchronously animating multiple paths in a multi-series line chart

Ruby Benchmark: Counting the number of lines of a file

D3.js: Animating Stacked-to-Grouped Bars

Never remove CSS outlines