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Travis dockerfile


D3 v4 - circle re-packing stability

D3 v3 - circle re-packing stability

.pylintrc for mlab

force layout with d3.timer instead of tick loop

D3 Force Layout + Pixi.js Experiment

matplotlib style attributes

Python nan tests


plotting 3d surface from 3 columns in data frame

d3 + canvas, approaches code snippets

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Full screening

d3.chart.base modes post

Allie, the Definitive Guide

Chicas Poderosas - d3 + miso.dataset + rickshaw

Chicas Poderosas - d3 + miso.dataset + rickshaw

D3.chart Intro Post


transform svg element around its center

sample processed article for GenderTracker

Backbone.sync override to use in memory storage with deferred support

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Miso Storyboard Example

Dataset 0.3 Release

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R Trick - reading data faster

Documenting your REST API

Using BonsaiJS in JSFiddle

Super Heroes & Villains

Padding a Time Series in R

miso fs example

Thoughts on Chaining

Backbone Paginated Collection

Backbone Blog Post :: Live Collections




code for organization post

Organizing Your Backbone.js Application With Modules



List unix users

Extend the javascript Array object to include max/min routines using the apply method

Javascript: Get the range of selection in window