blocks by njvack



A sample code of conduct for social slack teams.


Match distributions of two pandas dataframes

LAG generator for Mnemonic Similarity Task

Convert tarfile of dicoms

Python script to normalize CSV files (remove UTF-8 sig, change line endings to CRLF)

Three to four-byte conversion


Color to hex and rgba converter

A Slicing Notebook


A little Ruby Mechanize script to force logging in to Coins. The web standards, they have not been followed at all.

Upload gating files from a GE MRI scanner

Make symlinks from a directory's file structure out on the filesystem


A wrapper to allow Freesurfer's mri_convert to work on a tarball of dicoms.

A script to randomize the pixels in an image, so long as they're within a mask.


A routine to compute the cubic Bézier spline parameters to fit a curve to points, using the Catmull-Rom algorithm.


Circle packing, study data

My stab at safe python evaluation

A slightly-overengineered utility to watch signal memory-hungry unicorn workers

The first commented line is your dabblet’s title

HTML nesting test

Trivial fix for HTTP_HOST problems with reverse-proxied Django

Pan run simulator

Voronoi-based point picker

Beeswarm plot with gravity and collisions

Force Test