blocks by Fil

Walmart's growth stand-alone

A conformal Airocean

Pan & Zoom III + fix

Pan & Zoom III


Force-Directed Lattice


Tricontour flower


projection debugging

Round slider (d3v5)

Import from observable (was: circle pack example)

regions 2017

Reuleaux animated

geoVoronoi mesh()

fullscreen.js, no dependency

Fabio Crameri’s Colormaps

Translucent Earth

Lee’s Tetrahedral Conformal Projection

Tobler’s Hyperelliptical projection

Loximuthal projection & rhumb line

Using POST in d3-json

Country map + voronoi.find

Hello stimulusjs

Déménagement 1


G2: The Grammar of Graphics in JavaScript



Inertia and back

Eclipses paths

Fibonacci sphere surface distortion

Versor dragging with inertia

Briesemeister to Bertin1953

flashy voronoi projection badge for #unconf2017

Poor man's Composite projection

Vanishing Earth

winding problem

Dodecahedral projection

Lee’s Tetrahedral Conformal Projection, South

Tetrahedric Gnomonic Projection

Gnomonic Cube (Furuti projection #1)

simplified borders

borders = topojson meshes

GNU parallel logo

Lee’s Tetrahedral Conformal Projection

Furuti cubic projection #3


Encircle Scatterplot with alpha shapes

L’Équateur de Marseille

Proj4/WKT + D3 + d3-interpolate-path

Cox Projection - Wallpaper

Cox Projection - no ATA

Cox Projection (North polar aspect)

Cox Projection

Delaunator Urquhart


Hello Lea (MAVO and D3 interaction)

World roads (topojson mesh + simplify)

Interrupted Mollweide Oceans

Tetrahedral Gnomonic projection Antarctic

Interrupted Homolosine Oceans

HTML Color Names (Relative Lightness)

visualizing map distortion d3v4

InterruptedSinuMollweide inverse projection

geoGringortenQuincuncial inverse, fixed

Sinusoidal interpolation

ChamberlinAfrica inverse projection

Interrupted Homolosine Condensed (Work In Progress)

Foucaut projections (1862)

Furuti 3 globe clip polygon

Interrupted Homolosine


Satellite Projection Hebrides

Spherical extent

Zoom to Bounding Box II d3v4


Weighted Centroid of the world largest cities

Antarctica’s centroid


Travelling salesman with t-SNE (in 1 dimension and on a US map)

Travelling salesperson with t-SNE (in 1 dimension and on a world map)

Antarctica’s Centroid explained

New York Centroid Fixed

simplestatistics.median VS d3.median

quickselect VS d3.median

Compare radial projections

p5 L-Systems

p5 wolfram CA

Les couleurs du Décodex

d3.queue image loader


Hilbert paths

A jupyter notebook for D3


Versor Dragging - d3 & three.js running in sync

Scatterplot Matrix Brushing d3v4

bolivia internal migrations

Example of d3-ForceEdgeBundling on US airline routes graph.

Genetic.js Hello World

LAP-JV Worker

K-Means as a force

t-SNE with Levenshtein distances, colored by K-means (work in progress)

t-SNE with Levenshtein distances

tsne world

Hexagonal Binning (Area) d3v4

Expand and fill force (work in progress)

d3 Voronoi Worker

Redux + D3 in the browser

t-SNE and Urquhart w/distances study

t-SNE, a force, and Urquhart graph

t-SNE, a force, and voronoi

t-SNE and a force

Merge Sites, One Move

Merge Sites

t-SNE Voronoi

Compare projections

Perspective Map (transformed projection)

Circular Vortex Emergence

Vortex Emergence

Not an Ideal Gas

Brownian Motion Constrained in Rectangle

Brownian Motion Urquhart

topojson.topology + topojson.mesh

Fitted Symbols (d3v4)


CCPD Snowden

Why Reykjavík?

Capacity Constrained Point Distribution on Data (line chart)

Capacity Constrained Point Distributions

Example of Small Multiples with Mouseover Tooltip (fixed)

Urquhart Force Mesh Dance Procrastination

Urquhart Force Mesh

Painting power diagram (weighted Voronoi)

Painting Manhattan-distance Voronoi

World Airports Voronoi recreated

Painting Euclidian Voronoi

Multi-Line Voronoi using Voronoi.find()


Brush Handles d3v4 II

AlbersUSA inverse proj parameters

Force move 400 dots in 10 buildings

Nadieh Bremer's Scatterplot with Voronoi - ported to d3.v4, and no SVG overlay

Voronoi binning

Voronoi binning (animated)

Peirce Equatorial

Spherical alpha shapes with d3-geo-voronoi

Urquhart graph of container ports

geoVoronoi circumcircles

geoVoronoi Delaunay links and Urquhart graph

geoVoronoi triangles()

geoVoronoi polygons()

geoVoronoi x() and y() accessors

geoVoronoi x() and y() accessors

Fibonacci sphere quasi-random radome

Missions to Mars Urquhart Graph

Mars on a WebGL globe



General Update Pattern, tutoriel interactif

Kohonen / SOM with CubeHelix

Kohonen / SOM with LAB

Kohonen / SOM with HSL


Urquhart graph

Kohonen / SOM with RGB

Voronoi colorized spanning tree

Voronoi Spanning tree - short paths

Voronoi Spanning tree - long paths


Elliptic / scaled Polylabel with D3

Polylabel with D3

Toric Voronoi

Cylindrical Voronoi


How d3.voronoi().extent() affects triangles() and links()

Alpha-Shape Bounded Voronoi Tessellation

Circular Bounded Voronoi Tessellation

Bounded Voronoi Tessellation

Stressed Cells 1

Collision Detection in a tight square

europe-atlantic population

D3 frames to video

Developing on d3-geo-projection for d3 v4

Rotating Voronoi in d3v4

Hexagonal Binning in d3v4

Floating Landmasses in d3v4

Voronoi Labels in d3v4

geoCircle in d3.v4 (geoOrthographic)

geoCircle in d3.v4

This Is a Globe in d3.v4

Raster Reprojection of panorama images (360°) with WebGL

Raster Reprojection of panorama images — inverse colors version

Raster Reprojection of panorama images (360°)

U.S. States TopoJSON small multiples

list d3 color schemes

Rotating Voronoi in colors

Find Peaks

Commutes 2012 - Oldskool style

Earthquake Map with fisheye (projected) + throttle

Earthquake Map with fisheye (polar)

recompress jpg files on the fly

Tissot’s Indicatrix for Bottomley

Bottomley projection

UN Votes - Session 70


list of country names

Bounded Force Layout - very tightly packed

logo d'article

save lunr.js state


mysql backup cron

make a large png from map tiles

d3 zoom and pan from the keyboard

livraison mondialisation apple


charsethero : convert mixed utf-8 and iso-latin content to utf-8

Bermuda bug

newton function to solve f(V)=0


point in polygon




import seenthis into gensim

Outil pour créer une copie locale statique de "mes" seens