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CZ: Elections 2020

CZ+DE: Covid19 by regions

CZ: support by age

Regions of Czechia - cartogram

Prague: spatial distribution 2018-2019

CZ: Euroelections 2019

CZ: voters changes 2014-2019

Pollster 2018

CZ: spatial distribution


CZ: Presidential elections 2018 (1)

CZ: Elections 2017

SK: Regional Elections 2017

CZ: Elections 2017

CZ: Elections 2017 - Parties

CZ: Elections 2017 - Comparison

CZ: Elections 2017, PCA: names

CZ: Elections 2017, PCA

Windrose for maps

CZ: voters changes

CZ: General Elections 2017

VAA force chart

VAA Matrix

VAA Questions

XK: General elections 2017

XK: General elections 2017

XK: General elections 2014

CZ senate cartogram

Matches VAA CZ PSP 2013

CZ 2016: regional and senate elections

CZ 2013: Greens+Pirates+Change

Setting up an Ubuntu server

SK 2016: General Elections

Analytics in Volebná kalkulačka 2016

Get Czech MEPs from

CZ: Selection of questions in VAA 2013

Distances in VAAs

Timeline plot, barplot (reusable, responsive)

EU: Spatial model 2014-2015

EU map: leaflet, topojson

Responsive, reusable, modernizr charts

CZ: spatial model president., senate cand., parties 2012-2014

Polls charts

CZ: Spatial model parties 2013 (VAA)

CZ: Distances of users and parties in VAA 2013

SK: referendum 2015

Hemicycle: a single vote event

SK-BB 2013: North-South, Centers-Estates

SK 2014: Local Elections

CZ: Praha 2010-2014 (WPCA, Python+R, reusable charts)

CZ: Senate 2014, after elections

Multi-series line charts (comparison of libraries)

CZ: Local elections 2014, 3 parties

CZ: Local elections 2014

CZ: Senate, Praha 10, 2014

CZ: Senate, towards elections 2014

BA: Elections 2010

Hemicycle chart (general)

CZ: Salary distribution (FontAwesome chart)

SK-BB 2013: Map Explorer (Leaflet + D3)

AR: Debt to Federal Government

Scatterplot with Contour Lines (D3 + R)

EU: Elections 2014 in Czechia, PCA

EU: Elections 2014 in Czechia, detailed

EU: Elections 2014 in Czechia and Slovakia

EU: Elections 2014 in Slovakia

EU: Elections 2014 in Czechia

Users' behaviour (answering VAA) - VolebníKalkulač

Panamanian presidential elections 2014

SK: Presidential elections 2014 - 2nd round

SK: Presidential elections 2014 - 2nd round - "Volebné obvody"

UA: Changes in Parliamentary Groups with connection to Maidan and Crimea

Pie chart vs. Bar chart fight

SK: Presidential elections 2014 - 1st round Fico vs. Kiska

SK: Presidential elections 2014 - 1st round

SK: Spatial distribution of presidential candidates 2014

SK: Comparison of presidential candidates 2014

Inner circles seem bigger than outer rings (experiment)

El Salvador, Presidential Elections 2014, 1st Round

Senate Elections 2014, Zlín; Ecological Inference using Regression

Senate Elections 2014, Zlín, 2nd Round

Weighted PCA Model in R

CZ Senate Elections; 2014 (Winners in Polling Station)

CZ Presidential Elections: 4+ and 2- votes (stacked chart)

CZ Presidential Elections '13: Voters' transfers (research)

CZ president. elections '13: Each Polling Station (color saturation)

CZ Presidential Elections '13: Each Polling Station

CZ presidential election 2013: instant runoff voting

CL Presidential Elections 2013: 2nd round, Metropolitan area

CL Presidential Elections 2013: 2nd round

CZ elections 2013: new government vs. opposition

Czech elections 2013: double bar chart

CZ general elections 2013: comparing 3 parties by mixing colors

SK Regional Elections - 2nd round

SK-BB '13: D3 + Leaflet

SK-BB Regional Elections '13: Chairman 2nd Round

CZ presidential elections '13 on OSM + Leaflet

Czech presidential elections 2013 on Google map

Slovak regional elections 2013

AR: effect of lemas 2011,2013

CZ elections '13 - Úsvit

Czech elections 2013

Czech '10-'13

Colombia 2011

España 2012-2013

Czech regional election 2012

Kernel density estimation

109th US Congress

Kroměříž 2012

Prague 2010-2013

Sankey presidential chart

Parliamentary motion chart v0

W PCA (in R)

Czech presidential elections