blocks by renecnielsen

CSS to enable .alignwide and .alignfull Gutenberg Blocks when I use Elementor page builder to create single posts templates

A Ruby script for collecting phone record statistics from a Facebook user data dump

d3-annotation v2.0

Radar Chart Redesign

Draw a Text Path

Chord diagram - Switching behavior between phone brands of the Dutch

Scatterplot with Voronoi

Projection explorer

Crossfilter Demo | es2015 d3v4

Weighted pivot scatter plot v3

Flocking boids

d3-annotation: Encircling Example

spotlight filter

annotate a map

annotate a map (canvas + svg)

d3-annotation: Responsive Types and Hover

spatial region

Pyramid Pie

Nested Timelines

Small Maptiples - d3.carto


fresh block

WWSD #11: Mapbox-gl + d3 SVG overlay

d3.layout.timeline categorized timelines

Go Logo - Mitchell's Best Candidate Bounded

VR Renaissance - Linear Scale

Modern Lib. 100 — Final

Go Logo - Mitchell's Best Candidate Bounded

Go Logo - Mitchell's Best Candidate Bounded


Merged Choropleth

Animated Path on Canvas Map | SF Bay Area


Overlapping Bump Chart

"All the Models" - Lightning Talk for #SciPy2016 - Presentation:

openvis tweets #1

openvis tweets #2

Scatterplot Tour

Vector Tiles

Quilted Blocks in D3 v4

Great Arcs

Small Scroll-linked Animation Demo


Earthquake Data Discovery using dc.js, crossfilter, d3.js and bootstrap

Axis Component

Sequences sunburst

Which is bigger: Africa or North America?

Multi-chart interactions using d3.dispatch and crossfilter

Directed Graph Editor


Rainbow Pack

Bus Fuel Consumption


Transform Transitions II

Biofuels Production and Consumption

d3.js Multi-series line chart interactive

Scatterplot with Multiple Series


demo programmatic control of a d3 brush

Focus+Context via Brushing

Animate SVG path on scroll

Spirograph drawer - Animating solid and dashed lines

Reusable Bubble Chart

Dot in a Box

Inline Labels

Adjustable ranges on color scale

Mass Shootings in the US

Histogram Equalization

Sporthorse Foal Registrations II


dots on a map: setup

Fluid configuration of d3.js bandlines with FRP

Fluid configuration of d3.js bandlines with FRP

Scatterplot Matrix Brushing

d3 | reusable slopegraph v2

d3 | Force layout with images

d3 | reusable heatmap calendar

Gif rendering - globe

Interactive D3 view of sklearn decision tree

programmatic control of a d3 brush - specify zoom

Responsive Line Chart Example

matrix: rotations

mapbox.js - importing and clustering GeoJSON with a chart popup

Density-based Ticks


Issue Breakdown

Hexbin Canvas Transitions

Colorcomb II


Normal Daily & Hourly Weather

Sketchy Network II

Exploring Voronoi polygons, Delaunay triangles, and circumcircles

Apollonius’ Problem II

formatting numbers example

Stamen Tiles -

Managing Layers - d3.carto

Custom Infobox Formatter -

Small Maptiples - d3.carto

Ch. 7, Fig. 20 - D3.js in Action

d3.carto - CartoDB layers

Ch. 11, Fig. 14 - D3.js in Action

Simple Difference Chart with d3.svg.area

Multi-Part Sankey

Non-Rotating SVG Transparent Globe

Napoleon's March with d3.svg.ribbon

Sketchy World

Cartogram Experiments

Quantile, Quantize, Threshold Scales

Average Price Histories

Average Price Histories II

Crossfilter with d3.csv

d3 src tree transitions

Force-Directed SVG Icons

Historical Volumes

Line Intersection Brushing

Github Users Worldwide

Force-Directed Edge Severing

Force-directed Splitting


Hexbin Canvas Transitions

Hello Mapsense.js

Issue Breakdown

Hello d3.carto

Infant Deaths

Space Stations

Nutrient Parallel Coordinates II


Hello Mapbox GL

Comparing Map Projections

Satellite Debris Fields

Clock II

Sketchy World







Collapsible Tree

Force-Directed Graph

Sortable Table with Bars

Difference Chart


Zoomable Circle Packing


Hierarchical Edge Bundling

Bilevel Partition

Chord diagram

Slopegraph with tooltips

Google Map (Grey) + D3


Post-2015 World Tour with Category Menu and Bar Chart

Small Multiples with separate y-scales

CartoDB Map with Layers

Kenya Events 2007

Kenya Events 2007: Accede

Line Chart