blocks by nitaku


Weather Wheel IV

Circle packing with kidney edge bundling

Circle packing with hierarchical edge bundling

Circle packing

ASes hop partitions

Atlas card builder

World Map of Autonomous Systems

World population - Dorling diagram

Collision + foci


World map VII - continents

World population - geo-informed circle packing

World population - circle packing

World population - bubbles without map

World population - bubbles on map

World map VI

World map V

World map IV

World map III

World map II

World map

Inline BreakDown editor

Connector for circles

Bipartite network

DIITET node-link

Force layout node-link

Cut-away sphere diagram

Kanji composition graph

Isolario Powergraph Circle Packing

Isolario Powergraph Treemap

Vue.js custom render

Vue.js shared state

Vue.js Matrix Component

Vue.js bar chart component

Vue.js bar chart


Hierarchical adjacency matrix

Rectangular adjacency matrix V

Knowledge Graph Infobox

Chinese text editor

Rectangular adjacency matrix II

Rectangular adjacency matrix

Weather Wheel III

Voronoi II

Multihue Cushion Voronoi

Cushion Voronoi


Path network editor II

Closest point on segment

Zoom vs. Click (d3v3)

Zoom vs. Click (d3v4)

Path network editor

Name a color

Clavius DSL

Knowledge tree DSL

Quadtree aggregation II

Quadtree aggregation

D3 4.x template

Big scatterplot (R)

Knowledge tree DSL (time)

Tangled tree DSL

BreakDown language

Linked trees

Collapsible indented tree II

Image map

Quaternary numbers for indexing a quadtree

Autonomus Systems in the World

Coordinated zoom

Example graph DSL (PEG.js)

Space-separated values (PEG.js)

Graph compression

DBpedia cascaded treemap

Cascaded treemap

Hilbert Treemap Test

Backbone.js exercise

Backbone sync with Neo4j

Text Annotation (Jison)

BarChart class (Backbone)

Map of Autonomous Systems

Map of IPV4

Text alignment overview

Treemaps: boundary coloring

Term frequencies (Cassandra)

GosperMaps: boundaries

Weather wheel II

Weather wheel

365 days sunrise-sunset chart

Polar floating bar chart


Sequence polygon



D3.js tiles

Zoomable image with leaflet (zxy layout)

Leaflet: CartoDB labels over ESRI satellite tiles

Leaflet with CartoDB tiles

Leaflet with ESRI satellite tiles

Arc Diagram III

Arc Diagram II

Catmull-Rom Curves (canvas)

Leaflet with MapBox tiles

Filesystem Metaphor for Graph Access

Virtual Filesystem UI 2

Virtual Filesystem UI

Multidimensional Duck

Multidimensional Scaling

Coffeescript syntax for UI modules

Categorical color scale generator II

World cloud intersection II

Vector tiles

D3.js dispatch

Hierarchical clustering visualization

Small ontology comparison

Text ontology

Tangled tree II

3D building with zoom and pan (three.js)

3D building (three.js)

Three.js COLLADA loading (SVG)

X3DOM + D3.js

Three.js COLLADA loading

Three.js isometric SVG

Three.js isometric camera

Graph comparison

Tangled tree

Fuzzy graph II

Fuzzy graph

Prüfer sequence

Freehand drawing

R template

Python template

Cola.js layout

Isometric treemap with tree colors (flare)

Duck Similarity (Pink Floyd)

Duck Islands (Pink Floyd)

Tree colors (sunburst, DBpedia)

Isometric treemap (flare)

DBpedia isometric "treemap"

Isometric word cloud

Isometric "treemap"

Isometric projection

Gosper hex tiling irregularity

Node Gosper hex tiling

Node Gosper curve

2.5D interactive building

Half matrix II

Half matrix for symmetrical relations

Word cloud intersection

Perceptual color libs compared

WebVis contributions bubble chart

Weighted Voronoi (sort of)

Duck Similarity (The Dark Side of the Moon)

Duck Similarity (Galileo)

Gosper Clustering II

Hierarchical Clustering

Gosper Clustering

Gosper Displacement

Interactive rota V

Interactive rota IV

Interactive rota III

Interactive rota II

Interactive rota

Radial tree with "packed" nodes (flare)

Classic hexagonal binning II

Classic hexagonal binning

A classic comparison (sorted)

A classic comparison

Classic word cloud (OpeNER - Paris, es)

Opinion treemap word cloud (OpeNER - Paris, es)

Manuscript Transcription Simple Syntax

Intersection of two line segments

(Almost) stable word cloud

Word cloud treemap (flare)

Labels with line wrap (HTML in SVG)

Data matching diagram

Fit text to box

Text along path

Basic sunburst (flare)

Labeled treemap (flare)

Basic treemap (flare)

Treemap navigator II (dbpedia)

Treemap navigator (flare)

Merging a lot of squares

DBpedia Map - First-level classes of the ontology (with links)

Node-link circular layout: animated Sankey links

Node-link circular layout: Sankey links

Node-link polar layout: curved links

Distance fields (euclidean - pyramidal and conical fields)

Node-link polar layout with centrality (weighted eigenvector)

Node-link polar layout with centrality (eigenvector)

Node-link polar layout

Zoom + drag



Three.js animated cube

FASS spiral II (L-system)

FASS spiral (L-system)

Hilbert spiral (L-system)

Hilbert sequence (L-system)

Hex spiral (L-system)

Square spiral (L-system)

Distance fields (edit tool - faster)

Distance fields (edit tool)

Distance fields (corner case)

Distance fields (empty space)

Distance fields (boolean subtraction)

Distance fields (circle shape)

Bilinear interpolation

HCL linear rainbow scales (for d3)

Canvas gradient

2 multihue diverging color scales

4 categories multihue linear color scales

6 categories linear color scales

Random(ish) polygon

OpeNER - Places with categories (Paris, flower binning)

OpeNER - Places with categories (Paris, bubble binning)

Pie vs. pie III

CSS3 Flexbox - Sidebar

Pie vs. pie II

Multivariate binning II

OpeNER - Places with categories (Paris, pie chart binning)

OpeNER - Places with categories (Paris, polar area chart binning)

OpeNER - Places with categories (polar chart binning)

OpeNER - Places with categories (polar area chart binning)

OpeNER - Places with categories (pie chart binning)

OpeNER - Places with categories (d3.js)

Multivariate binning

Tape chart (interactive)

Tape chart

Archimedean spiral with a given angular length

Properties of archimedean spirals

Minimal JSON HTTP server in python

Pie vs. pie

Polar chart (area encoding)

Polar chart

Radar chart

Pie chart

A timeline of calendars

Base64 data URI image converter

HTML5 File API - DnD PNG thumbnail

OpeNER - Opinion targets (London)

OpeNER - Opinion targets (Amsterdam)

OpeNER - Polarized words (London)

OpeNER - Polarized words (Amsterdam)


Hexbin polar area chart

HCL decomposition: linL quadC 'cubehelix' rainbow

HCL decomposition: linL isoC rainbow

HCL decomposition: isoL isoC rainbow

HCL decomposition: cubehelix

HCL decomposition: cubeYF

HCL decomposition: cube1

HCL decomposition: Linear L*

HCL decomposition: HSL rainbow

OpeNER - Places with categories (GMaps)

OpeNER - accommodations in Elba (jQuery+GMaps)

Snap SVG library


Markdown here!

Add some drama


Sky II (HYG)




Hilbert Hex curve (L-system)

Peano Hex curve II (L-system)

Peano Hex curve (L-system)

Concentric circles

Hilbert crash test

FASS curve II (L-system)

FASS curve I (L-system)

References on space-filling curves and L-systems

Label placement for Peano treemaps

Stability of Peano curve

Quadratic Gosper curve (L-system)

Peano curve (L-system)

Stable Hilbert curve

Unstable Hilbert curve

Hilbert islands

Coloring of three intersecting regions

Coloring of intersecting regions

Label placement for Hilbert treemaps

Untangle a tangled tree

Kanji similarity hierarchical clustering

Random Hilbert treemap

Hilbert treemap (orthogonal projection of depth)

Hilbert treemap with hierarchical edge bundling

Gosper treemap with hierarchical edge bundling

Gosper treemap (area encoding)

Hilbert treemap (area encoding)

Hilbert treemap (full hierarchy)

Jigsaw treemap (Hilbert)

Jigsaw treemap (Gosper)

Space-filling curve layout (Hilbert)

Space-flling curve layout (Gosper)

Boolean operations on 2D shapes

Tablet test (Wacom web plugin)

Basic force layout (ID-based, zoomable, fixed random seed)

SVG text bounding box (with transform)

SVG text bounding box

Kanji similarity network

Categorical color scale generator (HCL)

CSS tooltips (hint.css)

Tablet test (desktop)

Fractal treemap of Panebukyaar (13,308 leaves)

Fractal treemap of Kyupapa (321 leaves)

Fractal treemap of Konanopii (1,724 leaves)

Random unordered tree generator (unambiguous)

Random pronounceable strings

Canonical representation of unordered rooted trees

NCBI taxonomy fractal treemap

Random tree (unordered)

"Political-physical" fractal treemap

Entity recognition bar graph

Before/after image

Entity recognition graph

Fractal tree depth map (random, Gosper)

Fractal treemap (random, Gosper)

Random tree generator (prefixes)

Gosper hexes generator

Random tree II

Random tree

Server-sent events

Graph with immutable nodes and links

Graph editing with persistence

Graph editing tools

Graph editing

ID-based force layout

Graph slicer



Concavity II



Gosper regions (quantitative)

Simplified Gosper regions

Precomputed Gosper regions

Gosper regions

Gosper hex tiling

Gosper hex tiling (fancy)

Hex coordinates (rectangular)

Custom hex projection

TopoJSON geometrical renderer

Layers stacks

Draggable circles


Learn to write

Markdown sidenotes


The Boring bell

GeoJSON squares

Peano (?) curve (L-system)

Moore curve (L-system)

Gosper curve (L-system)

Hilbert curve (L-system)

Gosper space-filling curve

Picture cloud layout


Hex coordinates

Hex landscape

Colored hex regions