blocks by joyrexus

a quick overview of key services

demo parser/chunker

Lambda concurrent execution custom metric on CloudWatch

demo of a chunking json encoder

durham favs

local webhook testing

quick overview of mocha testing

just use tape

make hmac cli

collapsible markdown

Shopify App Installation URL via AWS Lambda (Python)

hapi redirect demo

Simple node.js code style tips to improve code quality

Creating custom Error classes in Node.js

HTTP Error classes in Node.js

go api dev, part 2

fix for "WARNING Property: Unknown Property name." error from cssutils

Abbo’s Alley I

Sewanee Flyover III

Sewanee Flyover II

Sewanee Flyover

stowing gobs

posts on vim config

query strings with curl

time in go

nested templates in go

rest api demo w/ go

parse JSON request

curl tutorial

POST with curl

form-data vs -urlencoded

go api dev

REST basics

CS basics

auth wrapper for httprouter

boltdb demo

Functional config in go

Geojson for St. Luke's Hall

golang web dev

map and watch location

check equivalence of b-trees

Geolocation and routing demo


curating the terrain

js zip function

javascript iteration options

mapschool resources

hike along perimeter trail

bike to campus

Flickr public feed api

Greiner-Hormann algorithm

The 3 great virtues of a programmer

A few shell functions

KaTeX demo

regex testing

thru streams

crossfilter ui for timeseries data

questions about the dat project

js notebooks

12-factor design w/ heroku-style deployment

concurrent programming design

behavioral datasets

3 maxims, 5 rules

Prototype vs object style

html form design resources

sample validation script

golang web examples

Decks from markdown

File upload POST with curl

Form/file uploads with hapi.js

File upload demo

Autovivifying dicts

Getters and Setters for CS

Binary search

A simple quicksort

HTML template

Load a file

Load and render a remote CSV

Transcript validation notes

Leap grab strength demo

Leap pinch strength demo

Priority queue (with delete by label)

through2-* demo

RCC resources

Merge sort

Git workflow

Block thumbnail HOWTO

Convert images to thumbnails

Bullet trajectories


Asteroids-style motion

Gale-Shapley w/ forbidden pairs

Basic python idioms

through2-map examples

Gistup test run

Let’s Make a Block

Pivot an array of objects by key

Node.js streams demystified

The Stable Marriage Problem

Nested grouping of arrays

Nested grouping of arrays

Map a function over the values of an object

groupby and countby for python

Summarization methods for JS arrays

Functional python tutorial

Make word pairs from Moby Dick

Concat video howto

Extending EventEmitter

Use of reduce for word counting

Object stream reducer demo

concat stdin using Transform stream

Object stream mapper demo

Object stream filter demo

EventEmitter demo

Observer/pubsub demo

Stream demo

Map current location with address

Geolocation and reverse geocoding

Reverse geocoding CLI

Geocoding CLI

Map your current location

Multi-async responses w/ actorify

RPCs with actorify

Ping-pong actorify demo

Geolocation demo

Simple http server, dependency free

Simple http server

Proposal for CHI2014 workshop

Get distance between two lat-lon points

CLI for image/movie capture on OSX

Get google spreadsheet data

Generate data attachments

Convert dates to milliseconds

Show keyCode on keypress

Fat-arrow example

Time between two dates

Time in years between two dates

Latest tweets

Stylized range slider template

CLI proof-of-concept for explainshell

Simple websocket client/server demo

Notes on explorable behavioral databases

Leap stream hand viewer

Render your leap stream

Tranform json with unix-style filters

Undo a pushed commit

Transform json with pipeline filters

Your API does REST, but can it SLEEP?

Infinite queue

Quick demo of queue.js

Pretty-print multi-type lists

Map a stream of tweets from location

Twitter trends by city

Twitter user stream listener

Explore crossfilter sans browser

Convert csv to json

Roll-your-own D3 bundle

JavaScript array methods

Nesting demo

Perl one-liners

Data munging tools

Table munging terminology

Minimal jquery sans jquery

Vanilla JS equivalents of jQuery methods

CSS quick ref

CSS visual effects resources

CSS layout resources

RAF replacements for setTimeout and setInterval

Sign here: multi-path sketching

Load encoded thumbnail from a gist

Base64-encoded thumbnail

Load a Base64-encoded .png

Allow CORS with SimpleHTTPServer

The Gist to Clone All Gists

Embedded literate coffeescript

Extract data from a gesture sample

Leap websocket quick ref

Drag rotation of a div

Web animations!

Load local json file

Load json via xhr

Create a GIF screencast

Bash powerline mods

RAF example

Bouncing ball with fixed trail

Bouncing ball with dissolving trail

Animate path of bug along a curve

Move bug along path

Flip path on click

Animated paths

Bouncing ball

Nonlinear anecdote

CoffeeScript base class

Random walking bug

Random walking bug

Compound animation events

Infer angle based on mouse position

Move bug from point to point

Bug extension for svg.js

Unit circle extension for svg.js

Cursor extension for svg.js

Team Oracle path to victory

Unit Trig Circle


NYT border graphic

Mapping migratory bird species

Render yelp search results as geojson (or map).

Brewpubs in Chattanooga

Find geo-coordinates for an address.

Options for hiking in and near Sewanee, TN.


Get current weather conditions via

Our temporary abode in Sewanee, TN

UP/Munising zoom.

Git cheat sheet.

Revised bash profile.

Git-enhanced prompt and tab-completion for bash.

Overview and examples of querying the LDP dataset.

Dump an LDP transcript from the sqlite datastore

#vim | Quickly run sql queries w/in vim. (~/.vim/ftplugin/sql.vim)

#ldp | Show counts of utts that differ from primary dataset by subj/sess.

Simple example of class & instance variables and fat arrow usage.

Two commands to print your active IP address.

Show the time-related info for a leap gesture sample (frames, secs, FPS)

Coffee script that records and saves a quicktime audio file.

Shell script that records and saves a quicktime audio file.

Quick LDP report request.

Animated Bezier Curve

Simple template/layout for quotations.

Web page w/ inline coffeescript.

Simple demo of leap.js: move and scale a div.

State monad in CoffeeScript

State monad in scheme.

Crockford's monad.js translated to CoffeeScript.

Maybe monad in CoffeeScript.

Query script and report for NORC request.

Phony target for listing all targets in a Makefile.

Partition a list into N chunks of nearly equal size.

Partition a list into N chunks of nearly equal size.

Pipe/save a specified number of frames streamed from the Leap's websocket.

Pipe samples from the Leap's websocket stream to stdout.

$(document).ready( ... ) sans jquery.


List gists of a user and select one to open.

Decorator for aliasing class methods.

Powerset implementations in coffeescript.

Sample unix-style filter that reads from STDIN sans args.

Pure CSS3 toggle switch.

iOS web app config settings.

Guides and tips for iOS web app development.

Sample Makefile for simple coffee-driven webapps.

.ctags for coffee and javascript.

Solarized-light theme for pygments-based highlighting.

Comparison of jQuery and vanilla JS for basic DOM manipulation.

Move files with specified pattern in first line to target dir.

XHR posting example.

Relative imports for non-package files.

Norvig's treatment of the zebra puzzle.

Move files with pattern in first line to target dir

Rename files w/ regexes.

Little hack for callable classes.

Cartesian product.

Little factory example.

Minimalist templating

Print today's date (M-D-Y)

Render us some litcoffee via strapdown.js

Demo selective extraction of code blocks via Marked.js.

Self-interpolating-litcoffee rendering hack.

Read and manipulate .tsv data files.

Convert your literate script to a code-fenced variant.

Quick coffee tips (fenced version for GH syntax highlighting)

Print worksheet from an excel workbook (.xls files).

Convert a tab-separated-value formatted file to a set of SQL insert or update statements

Unique ID generator for prior project.

Makefile and init script for building/versioning a simple data backend.

Demonstrate how to extract and run code blocks from ** files.

Simple jquery replacment for simple selections.

A quick overview of Markdown.

Literate CoffeeScript sample.

Sample of literate coffeescript rendered with marko's minimalist styling.

Overview of basic CSS selectors.

My base bash environment.

Simple test task and runner for your Cake files.

index2README task for simple litcoffee modules

Vim utils for litcoffee. (Provisional tweaks and supplements for

Minimalist template for your coffee blocks.

Basic conventions for ~/.vim/ftplugin/python.vim.

Supplements for ~/.vim/ftplugin/coffee.vim.

Render a markdown file or just run fenced code blocks within.

Convert a markdown file to html

Print the sheetnames or contents of a worksheet from an excel workbook (.xls file) to STDOUT

Three shell functions for subversion repo management

Shell function to convert a restructuredText file to HTML

Shell function for managing a simple HTTP server