blocks by timelyportfolio

d3 calendar in R from observable/robservable

avoid data duplication in R leaflet

rhansontable tooltips on column headers

cell in rhansontable trigger modal with additional information

summary widget with flexdashboard valueBox

rotate and fit scatterD3

dygraphs R with external data

dygraphs R with external data

dt with heading tooltips

dt with heading tooltips

dt with heading tooltips

dygraphs point fun

vsup ggplot2 interactive svg 2

vsup ggplot2 interactive svg

rhandsontable widget with JavaScript calc

shiny datatables update streaming

bulma and bulma-extensions with R

vega-lite theme

vega-lite theme

parcoords brush clear

semiotic in R

semiotic in R

semiotic in R


parallel-coordinates w/ outside controlled labelled brush

parcoords w/ coordinated outside filters

parallel-coordinates with bootstrap button categorical filtering

d3 kde using simple-statistics

Working Site Tree - conditional

alternate version of market quilt

alternate version of market quilt

d3 parallel coordinates categorical axis select

d3 categorical axis with selection

d3 parallel coordinates with outside filters

d3 treemap (forked to add brush)

bar graph in v4 with a bar brush

leaflet + plotly crosstalk no shiny

d3 (v3) brush with numeric labels

draw line with fabricjs and d3

React office-ui-fabric rating component used with R Shiny

office ui fabric react in R

semiotic in R

partsankey on rpart

partsankey interactive angled

partsankey interactive

partsankey static

vega signal from outside

sort sunburst alphabetically

vega fit with svg

vega font

vega with existing d3 hierarchy

vega-lite changing font styling

vega-lite changing bar size and spacing

sparkline in datatable with tooltip

parttree (curved) on Titanic

parttree on Titanic

d3.partition() on Titanic

generalized aggregate for hierarchy

rpivotTable with subtotals

R DT datatables with boolean glyphicon

leaflet htmlwidget as json

sankeytree on Titanic

d3-sankey on Titanic

d3.tree() on Titanic

d3r d3_table with igraph

d3_table example with sankey

datatables with d3 axis in header

structure 2 of d3 flattree with datatables

structure of d3 flattree with datatables

d3 treemap with flattree converter

leaflet.extras tree

leaflet.extras sunburst

R mapedit playback with d3 + flubber

vue + vue-router + bootstrap + d2b

flubberized sunburst to icicle (vertical)

flubberized sunburst to icicle (by level)

flubberized sunburst to icicle (faster)

flubberized sunburst to icicle

flubberized sunburst

flubberized US states to/from hex

svg as reactiveValue in Shiny used with uiOutput

R sf simple features with quakes data, st_make_grid, dplyr, mapview zcol

right click in RStudio Viewer

Using Concaveman in R using V8 with beeswarm (fork)

R leaflet htmlwidget with vuejs

vue d3 tree responding to d2b sunburst

vue d3 treemap in Rmd

my first Vue component v2 - d3 treemap

my first Vue component (ugly) - d3 treemap

react-virtualized with jquery.sparklines from R

R base graphics with d3-annotation

R pivottable with simple-statistics correl on perf data

geo pivot table of US states with turf from R

geo pivot table with turf and leaflet

geo pivot table with turf

R leaflet tooltips with listviewer jsonedit

R leaflet tooltips with plotly htmlwidget

R leaflet tooltips with sparkline htmlwidget

R leaflet popups with sparkline htmlwidget

really dumb way to combine Vue and Shiny in R

vue d2b sunburst updated from Shiny sendCustomMessage

vue with shiny sendCustomMessage

vue tree with d3horizon in R

vue tree with d3horizon in R

R d3horizon in DT datatable

vue d2b sunburst from R

R d3.js d3horizon with hover zoom

Horizon Chart d3v4

flextable and d3horizonR in R

R Shiny + vuejs treeview

R Shiny and Vue Simple Example

blueprint missing classnames in bundle (without classnames)

blueprint missing classnames in bundle

R d3.js sunburst 0.6.4

d3-contour in R with V8 and sf

R svg fun in flextable with Tufte in R examples

rd3fc with shiny.semantic

rd3fc with shiny.semantic

d3fc in R - crosshair with area

d3fc for R as htmlwidget (try drag)

d3.drag on touch devices

d3fc for R as htmlwidget

minimal progress to d3fc in R

R leaflet addRasterImage

Zoomable Icicle with Labels and Breadcrumb (d3v4)

plotly from R to evaluate put protecction

NBA Game with R eventdropR htmlwidget

EventDrops in R

use d3.quadtree in R and plot with base graphics

igraph layout editing with mapedit

test css variables in RStudio Viewer

vue and networkD3 in R

work history d3v3 and R ver 2

work history d3v3 and R ver 1

Treemap (optimized? split)

Treemap (non-optimized split)

Treemap 4.0

D3 Source Treemap (forked for split algo)

hierarchy styling in formattable


parcoords (d3.js) + sparkline + crosstalk in R

parcoords + sparkline R htmlwidget

plotly + parcoords linked with crosstalk

vue element components (tree) in R

react blueprint from R with mtcars

demo of d3 tree in shiny for discussion

d3-chartframe with ggplot2

react + antd from R with reactR

Tidy Tree | Vis each* d3-hierarchy methods

R plotly + defiant.js with crosstalk

trelliscopejs and scatterD3

trelliscope and sparkline example

US Yields with R sparkline

more sparklines + formattable

animated efficient frontier with plotly

parcoords adv example

Victory Charts from R with reactR (version 2)

Victory Charts from R with reactR

sankey export with fabric-based exportwidget

like svg-crowbar, but for multiple svg elements!

d3 treemap of football game time

football game with d3 sunburst from R sunburstR

R htmlwidgets look at UA Calvin Ridley

react-sparklines bar troubles

Lahman Baseball Salaries | R formattable + sparkline

sunburst R htmlwidget | % for all levels

react-virtualized with react-sparklines

vega 3.0 dataflow event stream outside of vega

Reusable Bubble Chart

d3-bboxCollide Treemap

crosstalk bound dc.js + networkD3 force network

dc.js and networkD3 with crosstalk

zoomable treemap bar charts

Zoomable Treemap Bar Chart

jquery.sparkline in rhandsontable with NA

sunburst in d3.js and R with calendar

using the R package listless with d3.js flare hierarchy

formattable with other js/css frameworks

experimental plotly groupby + animate

Plotly and statebins [R]

R listviewer minimal implementation of react-json

sankeyNetwork in flexdashboard

R formattable + tooltipsterR for table cell tooltips

recreate plotly python trisurf in R

d3 brush + svg textLength experiment in R

parcoords + sparkline R htmlwidget

fabric.js + ggplot2 with svg

fun with fabric.js and ggplot2

D3 Scatterplot Rendering - 2 (forked)

topogram experiments

US states topojson joined with some data | test topogram

Fama/French Factors in 3d with Plotly R htmlwidget

3d yield curve with Plotly in R

Using arbitrary Leaflet plugins with Leaflet for R

Adding leaflet-timeline to R leaflet

fresh block

responsive? leaflet htmlwidget

Treemap 4.0

R + d3.js for interpolating colors in LAB

nesting and summarizing in R and d3.js

waffle as_rcdimple separate so can source

d3 hierarchies in R


mercedes marathon kids race 2016

mobx + crossfilter

ggplot and textures.js

first experiment with mobservable + d3

d3scatter with d3-lasso (shift key)

scatterD3 + d3-lasso experiment

start of codemirror htmlwidget

quick example of xml_tree_view in xmlview htlmwidget

d3_exploding_boxplot as R htmlwidget

parcoords + d3scatter linked by crosstalk

summarytrees R htmlwidget - fix zoom

summarytrees R htmlwidget - better?

animate viewBox on summarytrees

Real-time bandlines

d3.js shooting signatures for key rate duration

Shooting Signatures

R tooltipsterR with image tooltip

some examples of colors in R htmlwidget leaflet


R treemap as d3.js flextree

emoji in R

NCAA Division 1 Football 2015 Game Network

Sankey cycle test

R CRAN meta visualized with parsetR htmlwidget

Random Walk USA

Solar Path

interactive d3.js parallel coordinates of finch data

answer to stack overflow

Heatmap of touches (in rbokeh)

svgPanZoom htmlwidget gets hammer.js touch support

BioFabric in R as an htmlwidget with d3.js

biofabric as an rstats htmlwidget - pre-alpha

tmap with interactivity and pan/zoom

R | Interactive d3.js treemap of file directory with d3treeR and data.tree

newest version of d3treeR view of htmlwidgets and their Github stars

d3.js treemap of R htmlwidgets using d3treeR, treemap, dplyr


forked to add more htmlwidgets

example for Stack Overflow post about nested d3.js json hierarchy in R


R | Norvig's English Letter ngrams with sunburstR (d3.js sequence sunburst htmlwidget)

R tables to networks for visualization

visNetwork, currencies, and minimum spanning trees in R

R visualization of arules with arulesViz + igraph + visNetwork

igraph + visNetwork in R

igraph and DiagrammeR fun with VivaGraphJS

playing with R igraph, DiagrammeR, and rgexf

experiment with data.tree new ToList() and networkD3

R listviewer htmlwidget view of data.tree converted to list




R base graphics plot using stateface from propublica

stateface from propublica used in R ggplot

R barley dot plot example from lattice as a rcdimple htmlwidget

another dot plot example with rcdimple htmlwidget for R

dot plot example with rcdimple htmlwidget

statebin htmlwidget with hclust cutree

data.tree / R6 + pipeR experiment

R htmlwidget listviewer look at Afghanistan topojson

listviewer htmlwidget view of par from R with jsoneditor

svg responsiveness with waffle in R

TraMineR + rcdimple | Analyze State Sequence Data with dimple htmlwidget

waffle + rcdimple version of fig10.3 from r-graph-catalog


forked from @rich-iannone dogs example

hover.css applied to DiagrammeR grViz



shiny tabs with sortableR

Musical Notation in R with V8 and Verovio

igraph in DiagrammeR


paths.js + jade with R using V8 + rjade

rjade | use jade in R to make a chart with d3.js

R | rbokeh image plots with various plots

rbokeh contour with MASS

use underscore.nest with V8 in R to feed networkD3

make a pdf in R with hpdf.js - emscripten port of libharu

R tests Javascript simple-statistics with V8

some examples with rbokeh inspired by ggplot2 and lattice

experimental add image to node with DiagrammeR grViz

some examples of plotting phylo with DiagrammeR + ape + igraph

play with MathJax svg fonts in R with rvest and htmltools

R | Turf.js with V8

R finance charts with the svgPanZoom htmlwidget

get all images from RStudio temp directory

dynamically change favicon in browser with shiny and R.devices

ggplot build with hierNetwork from networkD3

networkD3 experiments with reusable d3.chart hierarchical layouts

phylogram options for networkD3

example of how to define graph in DiagrammeR for graphviz

Sequence Diagrams in R with DiagrammeR c/o mermaid.js

use twitter text javascript in R with V8

R ( igraph + DiagrammeR + pipeR +htmltools ) + JS ( mermaid.js + d3.js + dagre-d3.js )

finance application of DiagrammeR - R htmlwidget for mermaid.js

htmlwidgets dygraphs only show highlighted legend

add interactivity to base R plots


start to work on combining d3 venn and sankey with R tables and igraph

KaTeX in R with htmltools

density plot with rCharts

test flexbox in @RStudio Browser / Viewer using @philipwalton demos

Animated Christmas SVG in R with htmltools + rvest + XML & vivus.js

mermaid.js view of R rpart / partykit

animated turkey sketch with R and vivus.js

R code using rvest + htmltools + pipeR to grab css information from

rCharts + metrics.js using mtcars

rCharts + metrics.js using xts data

rCharts + metrics.js

animated construction of r contour plot with svg+js using vivus.js

link distance

r plot.zoo animated construction with svg+js using vivus.js

r animated chart in svg with vivus.js

rCharts candlesticks with techan.js

Yield Curve Animation with a d3.js brush as slider

walkway.js animates a R plot with @rstudio htmltools

sweetalert javascript in r with @rstudio htmltools

Simple Moving Average Strategy in R with pipes and widgets

Ekholm Decomposition of Hussman Strategic Growth (HSGFX)

Ekholm Decomposition of COBYX

svg snippet from post

calculate Ekholm ActiveAlpha , ActiveBeta , SelectionShare , TimingShare in R

pipeR Challenge | recreate Zev Ross


R + d3.js Parallel Coordinates of partykit ver 2 with interactive querying

dimple d3.js meets seaborn in R

R + d3.js Parallel Coordinates of partykit

demo programmatic control of a d3 brush

r calpuff | sparse interactivity example using d3.js

rCharts + d3.js view of rpart with sankey-like link width

rCharts + d3.js interactive view of a rpart / partykit recursive partioning object


color your d3 sankey using rCharts

dimple define tick labels on x axis

rCharts issue #477 - format y axes with multiChart

modify lattice R splom to draw axis ticks and tick labels on outside of entire plot

attempt at

vertical lines and labels with nvd3 + rCharts

dashed nvd3 line from rCharts

nvd3 + rCharts : reverse scale domain for x axis

nvd3 ugly labels instead of tooltips

temporary solution for rCharts + dimple.js

rCharts + d3pie chart of US Beer

rCharts + datatables | sort with scientific notation

rCharts Hijacks Dimple's Tooltip

rCharts + dimple v2.0.0 step interpolation example 2

rCharts + dimple v2.0.0 step interpolation example 1


rCharts+dimple | PIMCO Active Share Research

rCharts+nvd3 | PIMCO Active Share Research

dimple + rCharts on Reinhart (1998)


lattice legend positioning example

US and Global Factors | rCharts + dimple.js Cumulative Line Plot

US and Global Factors | rCharts + dimple.js Correlation Plot

rCharts + PortfolioAnalytics | dimple sample

rCharts + PortfolioAnalytics | nvd3 sample

rCharts + factorAnalytics | french/fama & frazzini/pedersen

rCharts example #381 using dimplejs and a custom tooltip

bar correlation plot example for rCharts issue 381 using dimplejs

Dow Jones Industrial Average 1987 with dimple + rCharts

example in response to rCharts issue #381 ; correlation plot with dimplejs


Datamaps version of

rCharts parallel coordinates version of market returns

rCharts d3.js Interactive Look at bfast breaks


rCharts dimplejs rendition of bfast on S&P 500

sp500 and vix nvd3 scatter with rCharts


rCharts issue 77 - dimple example

rCharts Polycharts Heatmap Issue # 77

sp vix vs sp500 scatter with rCharts

work on @ramnathv datamaps plugin

Ramnath NYT Baseball with Dimple

dimple.js max min issues with multiple series

Get Currency Codes for St. Louis Fed FRED with R

Emerging Currencies with rCharts + nvd3 | dimplejs

Emerging Currencies | rCharts + nvd3

Emerging Currencies | rCharts + dimple

S&P 500 Min Close During Year versus First Day Close

use of bfast in R to look at structural breakpoints in Retail / SPX relative strength

rCharts with Intersection Filter

rCharts addFilter with multiselect

Example 7: Dimple


Different Use of catcorrjs - Photo EXIF

Backtest Overfitting | Translated in R

Backtest Overfitting | Translated in R

Backtest Overfitting | Translated in R


micropolar linePlot angularDomain working

micropolar linePlot ordinal angular scale problem

rCharts micropolar dartboard

micropolar Area label fix?


micropolar area labelling


Sankey with Some Changes

rCharts dimple version of Fantasy



rCharts Dimple with RColorBrewer



rCharts | Temporary Way to Title a dimplejs Plot

rCharts with ReturnAnalytics | Rolling Style Beta with French

rCharts nvd3 Test of ohlcBar Model

rCharts dimple with Angular Controls

rCharts nvd3 Sparkline Plus Example

rCharts dimplejs Facet Example

rCharts Dimple Facet Example 2

rCharts Dimple Facet Example

US Treasury Yield Curve using a R lattice plot with d3



Sankey of rCharts Example Gallery

My Chart with Code


Easier Sankey | No Download/Extract

rCharts + jQuery datatables | Infinite Scroll & Adjust Width

rCharts + jQuery DataTables | Basic

rCharts Licenses for Libraries with Code




rCharts F1

rCharts Sankey EU Horsemeat

rCharts Implements d3.js Sankey Plugin

d3 horizon with axis from rCharts

Dimple time axis test with rCharts




dimple difficulty

rCharts dimple marimekko teaser

first working version or rCharts and dimple d3.js replicating the horizontal area example provided by



put together Gist for new Rickshaw [multi renderer]

explore the intended and unintended consequences of fed and boj actions

BIS Derivative Data using Mike Bostock's stacked to multiple bar

even more jgb yield charts with r and lattice

r lattice plots of JGB yields





Polychart Line Chart Problem






example of scatter weirdness



Currencies Line Chart from R to gridster-enabled d3 using clickme

initial sketch of jgb yields small multiples with yield curve

small multiples plot of JGB Yields from Japanese MOF using r, clickme, and d3

JGB yield curve chart produced with vega


use clickme in R and vega in javascript to produce a line chart of JGB rates

forked from Mike Bostock to begin d3 replacement for PerformanceSummary

experiment with vega formula transform and new zip functionality

simple example using vega, d3, and jstat

vega for time series chart with shaded blocks

quick example of vega lifelines spec in a clickme ractive

document the journey to recreate an old table in HTML using R

old price tables in d3 line chart using clickme ractive

map with parcoord forked from


output from R clickme ractive to produce d3 multiline chart



dexvis map experiment

gist of clickme for viewing

production quality R knitr latex report on yen

fork and gist-transform from

R markdown for post

fork of with zoomooz.js and intro.js functionality

One Pager Performance Report with R, knitr, and XeLaTeX.


gold prices from measuring worth in r

Fork of Ben Christensen multiline with zoomooz

zui53 and d3 line chart


Adapt Mike Bostock's brushable handle example to work with a resizable and draggable jquery ui box.


shading and points with plot.xts from xtsExtra


Adaptation of Mike Bostock's Force-Directed Graph of Les Mis Characters using .csv dataset instead of json











shiny json

apple compared to others

Single Asset REDD-COPS

runGist amended for Windows

Example to Test Parameters on Moving Average System

Shiny example with stocks

sp500 and us 1 year since 1960

japanese governement bond jgb historical data

international frontier for big cap

what if 10 year goes to 0

emerging as low vol when compared to sp500

russell 2000 when low vol

obviousness of reits

system test with additions

exceptional case of the Russell 2000

plot.xts scattered smothered covered chunked and diced

horizon plot in ggplot2

bonds and buffett sharpe

plot.xts moving average panel

plot.xts and rugarch

plot.xts can create horizon charts

plot.xts replacements of PerformanceAnalytics chart.TimeSeries and charts.PerformanceSummary

plot.xts horizon plot example

chart.* functions with plot.xts

french industry animated gif of correlation

horizon plot of 48 industries with dendrogram order

why trend is not your friend on french industries

horizon plot of french 48 industry portfolio

horizon in base graphics

horizon in quantmod

construction of horizon plot

Horizon Chart

horizon plot examples

r websocket for interaction with d3

d3.js grouped bar chart with working rotation

dendrogram grouped currency plot

d3.js grouped bar with incorrect text rotation

spain stocks and bonds

performance charts example

groups axis error fix

axys to excel to d3 to r and back

d3 Axys Integration


ripoff d3.js dji-area example but use direct yahoo finance feed

Convert Yahoo Finance CSV to JSON for use with d3.js


Where are RUT fat tails

R Horizon Chart






cdar and cvar allocation








quantstrat to build on.r






performance summary RNW and R


calendar heat of system entry

japan trade with korea.r

japan trade by region.r

japan trade and yen

use of systematic investor part 1

cumul growth of dollar

survey visualization

currencies and US10y

yen and us10y

stocks under extreme bonds

Source of Bond Return

moodys aaa forward and back

vustx forward and back

lattice explore vbmfx


Tale of Two Frontiers



MAImp Sample

Improved Moving Average R Function