blocks by micahstubbs

Albers USA with Puerto Rico

fisheye magnifier with fixed focus

fisheye magnifier with fixed focus


Zotero papers doc2vec data space

Sublime Text Origami-style window pane keyboard bindings for VSCode

Simplified Globe


Home Ownership by Country + Mapbox Extruded-Hex Map

Dendrogram Small Dataset

Dendrogram Large Dataset

Foreign players connected to Chinese Super League teams V2

India choropleth

Scraping of the VoVR site

Tie Fighter Marks

Crossfilter Demo | shareable filter URL

Internet Interactive Map Iteration

CSS gradient rainbow text

human text input in wpm

human text I/O in wpm

circle pack + hierarchical edge bundling | es2015+



react-force-graph 2d-3d linked view

blocks citation network with 3d-force-graph

react-force-graph basic, json data

react-force-graph all modes, json data

react-force-graph all modes, generated data

VivaGraph constant layout III: json data

VivaGraph constant layout II

VivaGraph constant layout I

VivaGraph static data from json file II

VivaGraph static data from json file I

Force-Directed SVG Icons d3v4


Projection explorer - Florida

correlation graph

zoomable sunburst with sunlight colors

intro to rxjs

d3ForcePod sandbox

Background Drag + Node Drag Force Simulation

Multiple Shape Drag Canvas with Force Simulation

Multiple Shape Drag Canvas

Multiple Shape Drag SVG

d3unconf badge GIF

origin destination map experiment - confluent nodes

origin destination map experiment

Document containing install instructions and cool links for the Making Maps with ML workshop!

d3 example graph search - description query

d3 example graph search - user query

bezier curve iterations with p5js


regl-animate-circles | sparse-glow



regl-demo | varying green

meetup faces

Sankey Particles | d3v4 & es2015+

multitouch pagerip | es2015

zoom & drag event filtering

latent value learning | scaled up

latent value learning | es2015

Inferring device position from acceleration

mic audio waterfall sonagraph

Fibonacci sphere quasi-random radome | es2015

scatterplot menus with d3-component | radius select

scatterplot menus with d3-component | es2015

stopwatch with d3-component | es2015

counter with d3-component | es2015

spinner with d3-component | es2015

posts with d3-component | hipster ipsum

pictogram table | d3v4

graph annotation - draggable clusters

graph community clustering

clustered force layout, static data

network fade | d3v4 es2015

graph neighbors on mouseover

3D Force-Directed Graph with Groups Dataset

538 Twitter Graph, Annotated

es2015 clicky label

Crossfilter Demo | es2015 d3v4

Crossfilter Demo | es2015 d3v4 | original widths

Download SVG Button

Stacked-to-Grouped | JSON Data, Horizontal Bars, String Series Names

Stacked-to-Grouped | JSON Data, Horizontal Bars

Stacked-to-Grouped | Generated Data, Horizontal Bars

Stacked-to-Grouped | JSON Data, Vertical Bars

Stacked-to-Grouped | Generated Data, Vertical Bars

aframe-blocks roomscale 03 - bigger blocks

aframe-blocks roomscale 03

Calendar View | es2015 | d3v4

zoomable treemap | es2015 d3v3

K-Means as a force - 60 collide iterations

VR Renaissance - Log Scale

VR Renaissance - Linear Scale

Sankey Gradients - Missing Gradient Solution

Sankey Gradients - Missing Stroke Gradients

Sankey Gradients

minimum viable three-d billiards

roomscale scatterplot

d3-voronoi-scatterplot chart component

ES2015 Voronoi Scatterplot with bootstrap-native popover tooltip

Voronoi Scatterplot with bootstrap-native popover tooltip

Voronoi Scatterplot with diagram.find()

South Carolina Polling Places

d3-module-faces | more modules

d3-module-faces | standard notation

blocks theater 4

blocks theater 3

blocks theater 2

blocks theater 1

roomscale aframe + d3

d3 blocks on a-boxes 6

d3 blocks on a-boxes 5

d3 blocks on a-boxes 4

d3 blocks on a-boxes 3

d3 blocks on a-boxes 2

d3 blocks on a-boxes

d3.unconf 2016, v11

bl.ocks metadata

Voronoi clipCells() end[1] null Example III

Voronoi clipCells() end[1] null Example II

Voronoi clipCells() end[1] null Example

formatting numbers example d3v3

world map 09 ckmeans cluster min breaks

world map 08 ckmeans cluster max breaks

world map 07 Jenks natural breaks

world map 06 linear breaks + quantiles scale

world map 05 linear breaks + quantize scale

world map 04 manual breaks + threshold scale

world map 03 es2015 + update code style

world map 02 update to d3 v4

world map 01 fix tooltip value

Animated Path on Canvas Map | SF Bay Area

Interactive General Update Pattern [ES2015]

adjacency matrix layout

es2015 d3v4 d3-sankey demo

United States of Voronoi Tweening

d3 v3 --> v4 upgrade mystery

es2015 exploding boxplot

Unity --> WebGL Experiment

distance-limited Voronoi Interaction

HTML Annotation + ES2015

responsive bar chart

viewBox space coordinate transformation

D3 v4 Calendar View

Pyramid Pie

Patient Flow Sankey Particles

City of Oakland Budget Proposal Sankey Particles

3D wireframe interaction with d3 zoom

es2015 d3 v4 curve interpolation comparison

v4 curve interpolation comparison

D3 v4 X-Value Mouseover with Droplines

React + D3 Interactive Sparkline

slide rule for timeseries

ES2015 X-Value Mouseover with Droplines


Blocks Graph VI

「鳴神忠右衛門 大谷門蔵」Histogram

Greenhouse Gases Sankey Particles

rCharts Examples Sankey Particles

ES2015 Sankey Particles

Fisheye Magnifying Glass

ES2015 Fisheye Grid

Infinite Queue Experiment

Blocks Graph V

Voronoi Scatterplot

Blocks Graph IV - d3.oakland talk

Baseball Scatterplot Matrix II

Canvas Links + SVG Nodes

Air Quality Calendars II

Chatty Map II

Melbourne Property on Transit

ES2015 Sequences Sunburst

Bounded Force Layout - Columns by Depth

External SVG + D3 II

External SVG + D3 I

custom tree layout sketch

ring chart clockwise transition

d3 + A-Frame curved mockup

Browser-zoom robust dynamic foreignObject tooltips

Browser-zoom robust static foreignObject tooltips

Sankey Particles - Transparent Links

Soviet Bl.ock

hexagon placement intuition

Sankey Particles with only inline styles

Sporthorse Foal Registrations II

aframe + d3 experiment

Correlation Matrix VII

Correlation Matrix VI

Correlation Matrix V

tiny hexbin plot

Correlation Matrix IV

Correlation Matrix III

Correlation Matrix II

hexbin with no axes

Blocks Graph III Voronoi Mouseover

Blocks Graph II Voronoi Sun

Blocks Graph I Readme Mentions

programmatic control of a d3 brush - specify zoom

Satellite Projection Experiment

Network with Communities

mixed mode rendering (Canvas + SVG)

County Treemap II

County Treemap I

Time Data Comet

Correlation Matrix I

Static ROC Chart

Animated ROC Chart

radar chart with an interactive legend

radar chart with smallest area on top

radar chart for nested data


X-Value Mouseover with Droplines

Focus + Context Scatter Plots

Close Votes UK Prototype

stacking with a trendline and tooltips

stacking with negative values

#datasana 2

building blocks svg flag

browser market share - fixed y axis max

Meetup Topic Adjacency Matrix

packed circles - color scale domain example

horizontal boxplot

vertical boxplot



data-driven dropdown

houston parks and recreation org vis

Close Votes Iteration

Close Votes

animating a badge with svg group transitions

Oil & Gas Production Interactive Linegraph - Log Scale

Oil & Gas Production Interactive Linegraph in d3js

D3 Interactive Streamgraph Iteration 3 - Trouble with the Time Domain for Tooltips

Threatened Species

Obesity in the United States - Iteration 3

Obesity in the United States - Iteration 2

Obesity in the United States - iteration v1

Materials in Houston Public Art v3

Materials in Houston Public Art v2

Materials in Houston Public Art

transpacific partnership talks