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Override cells

Overriding notebook-stdlib



Subdivisions of England



U.S. Historical Tax Rates


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Radial Force

Municipalities of Mexico II

Municipalities of Mexico

Sankey Diagram

Adjustable Link Strength

Density Contours II

Density Contours

GeoJSON in Three.js

Cloud Contours

GeoTIFF Contours II

GeoTIFF Contours

Contour Plot III

Contour Plot II



Stacked Negative Values

Winding Order

Antimeridian Cutting II

Force-Directed Tree II

Circle Piano

Border Mesh

I Make Circles

Polygon Clipping III

Polygon Clipping II

Polygon Clipping I

Versor Dragging II

Versor Dragging

Radial Stacked Bar III

Radial Stacked Bar II

Radial Normalized Stacked Bar

Circle Wave

Radial Stacked Bar

U.S. Population Density

D3 Source Treemap

Localized Time Axis II

Localized Time Axis

Modifying a Force Layout II

Clipped Conic Conformal


California Population Density II

Merged Choropleth

Isolating Forces

d3.geoPath + node-canvas

Monochrome Mona Lisa

Branched Random Walk

Reporting an Issue

Constrained Zoom

Brush Snapping III

Fixed Zoom

Zoom to Domain

Streaming Shapefile

Treemap by Count

Fit Extent

Asking for Help

Interrupted Sinusoidal II

Brush & Zoom II

Every Map Projection

Brush & Zoom

Peirce Equatorial

Pierce Tiles

Eased Scale

Stretched Treemap

Sleep Cycles

Tile by Bounding Box

Scatterplot Tour

Histogram II

ColorBrewer Spline II

ColorBrewer Spline

Mona Lisa Histogram

Drag & Zoom II

Drag & Zoom

Local Variables

Pan & Zoom V

Pan & Zoom IV

Pan & Zoom III

Pan & Zoom II

Pan & Zoom I

Pan & Zoom Axes

D3 Custom Bundle II

Zoom Transitions

Fetching CSV

Blocks Graph

Force Dragging III

Force Dragging II

Force Dragging I

Circle Dragging IV

Circle Dragging III

Circle Dragging II

Circle Dragging I

Example Authors


Force-Directed Lattice

Force-Directed Web Worker

Force GIF

Collision Detection

Force-Directed Tree

Force-Directed Graph

Hexagonal Binning

Nest Treemap

Animated Quadtree

Rainbow Perceptual Distance

Circle-Packing II

Radial Dendrogram

Tidy Tree vs. Dendrogram


Voronoi Spirals III

Voronoi Spirals II

Voronoi Spirals

Rainbow Treemap

Cascaded Treemap

Nested Treemap


Rainbow Pack



Chained Transitions II

Zoom vs. Click

Click vs. Drag

Text Transition II

Text Transition I

Transform Transitions II


Polar Clock III

Polar Clock II

Star Map

N-Body Problem II

N-Body Problem

Bar Chart with Negative Values II

Chained Transitions

Isometric III

Isometric II


GraphicsMagick Cheat Sheet

Sized Donut Multiples


Inline Labels


Canvas Line

Arc Corners II

Arc Corners

Arc Padding III

Arc Padding II

Donut Centroid

Pie Centroid

Canvas Donut

Canvas Pie

Diamonds II


Percentage Change II

Percentage Change

D3 Outline Logo

Convex Hull

Seven Symbols

T-minus Time

Pie Padding

Arc Padding

Kernel Smoothing

Line with Missing Data

Time of Day

Wave Motion

Rounded Arc Test

Catmull–Rom Curves

New Splines!

Fitted Symbols

Transition to Default

Nightly Show

Tree of Life

D3 Logo

Animated D3 Logo

Revised D3 Logo

Improved Circle Packing

Link Nodes by Name

Smallest Enclosing Circle

Apollonius’ Problem II

Apollonius’ Problem

Matplotlib Colormaps

Colorcomb II

Voronoi Circles

Delaunay Circles III

Delaunay Circles II

Delaunay Circles




Color Mesh II

Color Mesh

This Is a Globe

This Is Not a Globe

Connected Particles III

Canvas Bar Chart

Quantile Choropleth

Connected Particles II

Connected Particles

Cubehelix Color Picker

HSL Color Picker

HCL Color Picker

Lab Color Picker

RGB Color Picker


Cubehelix Interpolation II

Cubehelix Color Space

Cubehelix Interpolation

HCL Color Space

HCL Interpolation II

HCL Interpolation

Easing Functions III

Easing Functions II

Easing Functions

D3 Custom Bundle

Parent Data

Line Drawing

XML Parsing

Rainbow Circle

bash profile

Delaunay Force Mesh III

Spiral Circle

Delaunay Force Mesh II

State Grid

Spiral Triangle III

Spiral Triangle II

Spiral Triangle

Programmatic Pan+Zoom III

Programmatic Pan+Zoom II

Screen Recording to GIF

Named Transitions II

Patterson Cylindrical

Arc Piano

Extending Arcs

Arc Corners IV

Arc Corners III

Arc Corners II

Circle in Sector

Pie Padding II

Rounded Corner

Arc Corners

Pie Padding

Counterclockwise Arc

Solar Analemmas

Solar Path

Equirectangular Fisheye

Tile Viewer

Named Transitions

Line Segment Intersection

Closest Line Segment

Multiple Rotations


Pencil Sketch

Back-facing Hemisphere

Merging States

Reprojecting CSV with ogr2ogr

Map Pan & Zoom IV

Map Pan & Zoom III

Map Pan & Zoom II

Map Pan & Zoom I

Poisson-Disc V

Prim’s Algorithm V

Prim’s Algorithm IV

A Less-Angry Rainbow

Poisson-Disc IV

Mitchell’s Best-Candidate V

Uniform Random III

Poisson-Disc II

Annulus Sampling II

Annulus Sampling I


Mitchell’s Best-Candidate IV

Poisson-Disc III

Uniform Random II

Mitchell’s Best-Candidate III

Uniform Random

Mitchell’s Best-Candidate II

Quicksort VI

Mergesort IV

Quicksort V

Shuffle II

Shuffle I

Mergesort III

Mergesort II

Mergesort I

Quicksort IV

Quicksort III

Quicksort II

Quicksort I

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